3D printer Leonardo Revo

The new revolution in the
3D printing

With the big printable area Leonardo Revo permitts to print in one process very big objects with the same excellent quality.

Leonardo Revo is ready for the Industries 4.0 and thanks to the connectivity it will be in the center of your company.
The New Leonardo Revo is the essential instrument for your business thanks to the high quality of mecchanical parts and elettrical parts, the advanced design and the new user friendly software.

For r&d dep. of the company as yours, today is essential to have a 3d printer that join precision, speed and the optimization of the resources.

Leonardo Revo is the solution that are you waiting for: from technical laboratory to industrial design it’s the best way to give a shape to the company project.

Leonardo Revo specification

  • Big Printable area (600x500x600h mm)
  • touch & print interface with 7” display
  • Camera with WCS (Warping Control System) untill 80°
  • double intercheagable extruders all body staninless steel with tilting system
  • auto cooling system for the extruders
  • save print system
  • Filamnet control, the program that prmitts to chsange the filament without lose the print
  • auto levelling of the printable area.
  • is possible to insert differents adhesive flat
  • heated flat for 0.75 untill 5KG
  • double traction system for a unifrom scrolling of the filament.


  • Ideal for the printing of big dimensions
  • ready to Industria 4.0
  • High quality of mechanics and electronical parts
  • Connectivity
  • Advanced Design ideal for your business
  • Easy to move thanks to the small wheels

Technical data

  • Printer dimensions: 1077(l) x 780(p) x 1930(h) mm
  • Printable Area: 600x500x600h mm
  • Number of extruders: 2
  • heated bed: yes
  • display: touch screen 7″
  • Resolution X-Y-Z: 0,01-0,01-0,0009
  • Noozle: 0,4
  • Resolution layer: 0,050 -0,35
  • Material: PLA, ABS, NYLON, FLEX, HIPS, PVA e altre termoplastiche
  • Extension files: STL
  • Power: 220-240 V AC 50/60 Hz 3kW

Studio 3D printer

Easy to use,
professional performance

Studio is the best 3D printer for the
semiprofessional use.

The same technology of our leonardo is inside this compact solution with the perfect compromise between big printable area to compact external dimensions.
the japanese mechanism and italian design are ideal also for a domestic use.
with studio you can stop the print and start it again in a second moment after turning off the printer.

Studio ideal if you are a professional, from engineering to architecture, from technical lab to industrial design.
There are many areas of interest in which you can amaze the customers with high quality 3d models with accessible price.

Studio is perfect also for who loves hobby modeling, are you ready to give a shape to your passions?

Studio specification

  • touch & print interface
  • single steel extruder with integrated nuzzle designed by MeccatroniCore engineers.
  • owner removable head


  • biggest printable area in its category
  • high performance
  • high reliability on every materials ( not only with MeccatroniCore filament )
  • high speed
  • PACKAGING SIZE: 660x460x710 mm
  • PRINTER SIZE: 570x390x610 mm
  • WEIGHT: 20 kg
  • PRINTER AREA: 210x210x260 mm
  • HOT SURFACE: yes
  • DISPLAY: Touch screen 3,5″
  • X-Y-Z RESOLUTION: 0,01-0,01-0,0009
  • EXTRUDER: 0,4
  • LAYER RESOLUTION: 0,050 -0,35
  • PRINTING MATERIAL: PLA, ABS, NYLON, FLEX, HIPS, PVA and otherthermoplastic
  • POWER SUPPLY: 220-240 V AC 50/60 Hz 600 W
  • PACKAGING SIZE: 760x460x710 mm
  • PRINTER SIZE: 670x390x610 mm
  • WEIGHT: 22 kg
  • PRINTER AREA: 310x210x260 mm
  • HOT SURFACE: yes
  • DISPLAY: Touch screen 3,5″
  • X-Y-Z RESOLUTION: 0,01-0,01-0,0009
  • EXTRUDER: 0,4
  • LAYER RESOLUTION: 0,050 -0,35
  • PRINTING MATERIAL: PLA, ABS, NYLON, FLEX, HIPS, PVA and other thermoplastic
  • POWER SUPPLY: 220-240 V AC 50/60 Hz 650 W

BB Cure Oven

Enhances the performance
of your 3D printer

BB cure is essential to complete the curing of your resin 3d models.

The 3d printer begins only the solidification process of the 3d models which need to be completed in a natural way.
Thanks to an efficient system of UV emitters, BB cure speeds up the curing process making your creations until 50% more strong and ready to be used.

BB Cure products

BB Cure Jewelry

BB Cure Jewelry is necessary for the jeweller 4.0 because guarantee the perfect finishing of castable resin allowing the creation of beautifull jewels.

BB Cure Dental

Why have you settle of general UV Curing? BB Cure Dental is designed for the curing and the finalization of dental resin produced by 3d printers

BB Cure Tech

BB Cure Tech is the solution deisgned for the professionists that are looking for the excellence. With our system of combined UV LED the BBCure can finalize the engineering resins exalting their internal property.

Printers parts

Extruder made in MeccatroniCore

All MeccatroniCore printers have a special stainless steel extruder with integrated noozle (unibody)

It was engineered from our engineers to offer the maximum experience and an incredible fluidity.

The reliability of our printer is the same also after many printing hours because the problem of obstruction ( typical in fdm technology ) is almost completely eliminated.

Owner removable head

For meccatronicore printers we have invent a system of interchangeable extruders.

You can use an extruder for each materials with many advantages for your business:

  • you can reduce the problem of obstruction
  • you need few seconds to change the extruder like a toner
  • you reduce the time between a printing to another printing

Remember that the head can be revised from us without the shipping of the entire printer.

Technology heart 32-bit

inside the heart of MeccatroniCore printers beats a last generation hardware. Cortex-m4 processors which guarantee high resolution and high speed.

  • Until 500mm/sec m.a.v.
  • Soluzione predisposta per l’Internet of things
  • System to check the eng of the filament
  • Capabilty to stop a printing and start it again in a second moment

Double extruders

On Leonardo line you can mount 2 extruders simultaneously, in this way it’s possible to print with two colors or with two different materials.


Become a landmark inside the prototyping word and 3d printing, this is the meccatronicore goal, the start up from Trento born in 2013.

In a very short time MeccatroniCore has joined in the acceleration programs of industrio ventures and has launched on the market its 3d printers line for professional and semi professional use.

With Leonardo and Studio is immediately clear the technological superiority in some engineering solutions: one for all is the owner interchangeable extruder that is easy to remove and prevents the stopping of the printing process.

Another important features of MeccatroniCore models are the stainless steel extruder with integrated noozle, the touch and print technology and the accurate design.

All of these are thanks to the MeccatroniCore engineers and to the contribution of qualified partnership have allowed to develop vertical skills on specific markets and to test a series of custom solutions.

MeccatroniCore is founding members of AITA, the Italian Association of Additive Technology.


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