BB Cure Jewelry

BB Cure Jewelry * is necessary for the jeweller 4.0 because guarantee the perfect finishing of castable resin allowing the creation of beautifull jewels.

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The large internal room and the dobule system of LED with a 360 irradiation and the controlled heating permit to optimize the working time increasing the produttivity of your laboratory.L Little, Big e Multi are the programs that you can start with a easy geasture thank to the touch display. You can also choose to use the jewelryprogram to personalized the time and the temperature.

Main features

Large internal volume

to host your creations with big dimensions

Great Power

for the curing in a short time

User friendly

thanks to our touch interface

Beautiful modern design

 that’s developed in every details

Green Technology

 because BBCure recycling the heat of LED’s for heating the internal room


  • External dimension: 355 x 410 x 350(h) mm
  • Internal dimension: 250 x 200(h) mm
  • System: controllato da microprocessore
  • Display: touch screen
  • Light source: LED UV tra 405 e 310 nm
  • Power source:
    • input: 100-240V, 0,6A, 50-60HZ
    • LED power: 150 W
*BB Cure Jewelry can cure standard resins 405nm and castable resins. Please check with your reseller the correct model to cure your resins.


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